The Story of us : Foolish heart

He was my seatmate
He is tall, dark and not ugly at all
He is kind and funny

We became friends
We shared and cherished our moments together
He always lend his shoulder to mine when Im about to cry
Give his hand for me to hold on when I cant take it anymore

Yes I love him
I love him as my best friend

We were happy back then
Until he confessed his feelings to mine
Yeah Im shocked
I dont know what im going to say at first
But at the end I chose to reject him
Just because I love someone
Just because Were just Friends
Just because Im fool

When I get hurt by the man I love the most
I cried… cried and cried

He Lend his shoulder for me to cry on
He Give his hands when I’m about to give up
He did everything for me
Even if my heart keeps pushing him..

One day I’ve realized
That the one I loved is not him anymore
Not the one who always give me a heart aches
But the one who always stayed by my side
The one that I keep holding on
The one whom I’ve forgotten

I Love him
He is the one who’s my heart shouting
He is the right man for me
He is my night shining armor

But now….

Its too late
Too late to realized
That the Care,the Love,the Holds
for someone is not for me anymore.

I don’t know

First of all as you can see this is actually my first time blogging and I don’t really know How and what this is all about, I don’t even ask Google for it because I’m too lazy to do that although I’m blogging but I hope everyone even someone can understand my situation right now. I’m sorry if some of my grammar is wrong, sorry because I’m not that perfect and no one’s perfect right? Probably because that’s Life! We are just keep on going though our life is difficult and sometimes its really unfair because our world usually see our mistake,judge it and didn’t care about how good we are. You know what?? What I’m saying right now is not really related with its title haha Sorry ok? As I said This was my first time so I hope someone will care to help me. 🙂